Gerrit is a seasoned businessman participating in various sectors including finance, insurance  and property. He spent several years at Old Mutual and in the 1990’s be assisted Child Welfare with a fundraising campaign. In 1990, he formed the Tai Ross Group and is currently the CEO . Tai Ross Group of Companies currently consist of :

  • Tai Ross Real Estate and Asset Management Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Tai Ross Auto Consultants (Pty) Ltd
  • Tai Ross Business Trust


Jacolene started her career in consulting at a Computer Processing Bureau. After completing her studies at Potchefstroom Technical College in relation to business economics with computer science.  she then progressed into the corporate world,  building experience and payroll management , HR and compensation benefits and required skills in business accruement strategy as well as process management. Her father told her about his investment in Tai Ross and  in 2017 after having a personal capitalization with Tai Ross, she  made the decision that this is the new way of investing for the future.


Patrick graduated in 2014 with a B Comm Degree Honours in Economics, Majors in Business Management and Economics.  He also completed his studies in Basic Theology at the University of Pretoria.  He has a background in Relations management as well as various positions in the Banking sector.  Patrick joined Tai Ross as a Director in 2023. 


Wanita has a background in Office Administration.  In 2017 She was employed by Tai Ross  Group as a Senior Manager, and due to her excellent performance in her field  she was appointed in 2018 to Director.