When was Tai Ross established?

  • Tai Ross Group established in 1990
  • Tai Ross Auto Consultants (Pty) Ltd established in 2015
  • Tai Ross Real Estate & Asset Management Services (Pty) Ltd established in 2017

Who are the Directors?

Tai Ross Group

  • Gerrit Du Preez – CEO
  • Jacolene van Zyl – Director
  • Wanita Sansom- Director
  • Sello Patrick Makgobela – Director

Tai Ross Auto Consultants (Pty) Ltd

• Gerrit Du Preez

Tai Ross Real Estate & Asset Management Services (Pty) Ltd

• Gerrit Du Preez

How is it possible for Tai Ross to offer returns that are above the rates obtained elsewhere?

Because we do property backed investments, the money gets put into stock trading which enables us to generate such returns.

How often can interest be paid?

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly
  • Annually
  • End of Investment Period

What is the minimum investments amount?

R25 000.00 (Public Share Price)

Are there any initiating fees or monthly admin fees payable?


What tax is payable?

Tax is applicable as by the tax laws of South Africa.

FAQ: Stock Exchange Exposure

How safe is it to get involved in the share market?

You take your risk out with a stop loss as the share will automatically sell if the transaction is not in your favour.

Are there benefits on the short term as well as on the long term?

Both on their own merits have their own roll it all depends on client’s time frame.

How can it be that bigger profits / return on investments can be created than the normal financial institutions?

We have the advantage of investing at all the sectors (all the big corporate companies globally, more than 5000 companies) and forex at the best time, maximising profits.

Is there a variety of options that can be utilized on the stock market?

Yes. One of the biggest advantage is that a clients’ investments can be geared. Let’s say the client invests R200K, he will be exposed for more than 1 million on the market.

What are some of the options?

  • ALSI – (All Share Index)
  • Forex (Currency Trading)
  • Equities (Share Buy and Sell)
  • CFD (Contract for Difference)
  • Hedging against the weakened rand.