Education Fee Investment

Would you like to have your child’s school fees paid in full, up front? If yes, then we have the answer for you.

Do not work for school fees, let your investment work for you. You will never need to pay another school fee again plus your main investment remains your money.

Take advantage of paying school fees upfront and receive the schools discount offer. Only one payment a year and you will have extra cash every month. The first year you will still have to pay your monthly school fees. The investment requires 12 months to earn its return on investment. Therefore from the following year you will have extra cash monthly as your school fees would have been paid in full.


Invest an amount and earn 3.5% per month, compounded to give you a payout that will cover the school fee/s.

Investment Amount:

R100 000.00

R125 000.00

R150 000.00

R175 000.00

R200 000.00

Payout Amount:

R51 106.86

R63 883.58

R76 660.29

R89 437.01

R102 213.73

How does it work?


For the purpose of this example, you decide that the investment of R100 000.00 will cover your child’s school fees. The R100 000.00 investment must be deposited by no later than 25 November of that year. The return on investment on the R100 000.00 which will pay out on 1 December of the following year, the amount of R51 106.86. We will contact you to obtain the school invoice for us to effect payment for the following years school fees.

Tai Ross Group will forward you a full report of your account, school’s invoice and proof of payment.

Should the school fees for the following year only be R45 350.00 the difference of R5756.86 (R51 106.86 – R45 350.00) will be placed back into the investment. 1 December of that year, your total investment amount will be R105 756.86 and you will then start earning 3.5% per month, compounded on the new amount for the next school fees due date.

If the school fees are more than the R51 106.86, you will then be liable to settle the difference directly with the school.


Fund deposit latest, 25 November. If you deposit monies anytime from now until 25 November you will have the benefit of extra months earnings.

Minimum 12 months.

Signed agreement.

2 month cancellation notice applicable.

Once your child’s education has come to an end, you have the choice to withdraw the funds or have it built up for:

A dream holiday

Extra pension fund income

A new car

Or any other future plans

Tailor made investment packages can be done for any educational (school and or college/ university) fee structure.